Remote Learning Resources!

Cascade Water Alliance and its educational partner, Nature Vision, are developing a series of remote learning packets for students to continue their studies at home through the end of the school year. The first lesson, Ecosystems, is provided in four versions: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Several additional packets will be released in the coming weeks. Staff of Nature Vision will conduct live streaming events to answer any questions parents may have. Packets may be downloaded and additional details found here:

Daily Decisions

The food you eat, the things you buy, the items you use – every decision you make impacts water. Working to live a water-friendly lifestyle can make a huge difference in conserving and helping to sustain healthy water resources. Learn more about what you can do to conserve water and enhance water quality.

Water Education

Education is crucial to bringing awareness and attention to the issues that matter. The Classroom Water Education program provides 15 classroom presentations for grades K – 12 delivered by Nature Vision, Inc. and developed in conjunction with Cascade Water Alliance. The hands-on presentations cover a wide variety of water-related topics that are designed to support Washington learning standards.

Community Events

Whether you are picking up trash on the beach, planting trees, or helping restore salmon habitat, community events are a great way to make an impact. In the Seattle area, Cascade provides a station at community events to educate residents about the importance of water efficiency and water protection. We provides fixture and other conservation items to help people take action in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

Sustainable Products

By switching to high efficiency fixtures and appliances, a typical home can save thousands of gallons of water per year with no reduction in performance. Cascade partners with Puget Sound Energy to offer rebates on high-efficiency clothes washers, showerheads, and faucet aerators displaying the US EPA EnergyStar or WaterSense label.

Water Quality Monitoring

Monitoring water quality provides the objective evidence necessary to make sound decisions on managing water supplies today and in the future. Cascade currently works with the Sno-King Watershed Council to encourage teachers, students, and citizens to become trained and certified stream monitors.

Sustainable Landscaping

Conserving water in your garden and landscape is an easy way to lower your water consumption. Cascade offers a variety of training and education opportunities by landscape and irrigation industry professionals to learn the concepts and techniques of sustainable landscape management. Courses may be taught by Cascade vendors at various locations or may be offered through Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

Problem-based Learning

The Problem-Based Learning for Water Systems (PBL4WS) program recruits teachers from Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Washington, and Tukwila school districts to design curricula based around the study of water; creates and provides lessons on local, relevant water issues for teachers to utilize; and offers workshops and learning opportunities for teachers relating to water operations and water issues. Teachers are supported by Cascade with a stipend and through materials and resources relating to water systems and water resources.